The Bear Bones Project
                                               Live at the Rustic Barn

                             Versatile band offers something for everyone
Albany, NY - - The Capital Region band, The Bear Bones Project, has been making a splash of late in local clubs, at summer music festivals, and charitable fund-raising events.  The band's debut CD, "Live at the Rustic Barn," expertly recorded and mixed by Bryan Brundige (Grandma's Studio), is a snapshot of their collaborative, eclectic music. 

The Bear Bones Project consists of singer/songwriter Carey Ahner (guitar, vocals), Pete O'Hearn (guitar, vocals), Sandy Decker (flute, accordion, vocals), Bill Decker (bass) and Bob Assini (percussion).  Their wide range of styles mesh into an organic, Americana-influenced, jam friendly sound.  The group's easy-going approach avoids the freneticism typical of some rock routines, focusing instead on the music.  Coupled with their commitment to promoting a community atmosphere, a loyal following has developed, as strangers become friends once the music gets started.  For their first CD, featuring old friend Eric Johnson on drums, the band chose a live recording session as the format best suited to convey the spontaneous and intimate nature of their performances. 

The opening track, "Into the Air," a soothing, uptempo ballad, is a heartfelt remembrance of the late George Harrison.  The high-spirited "Grandma Moses" is an ode to an optimistic, creatively pragmatic philosophy of life, with interlacing guitars layered over a playfully upbeat rhythm section.  Between Ahner's compositions, the CD is punctuated with seldom-heard gems penned by the likes of Jorma Kaukonen, Lee Alexander, Randy Newman, and Paul Barrere.

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