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        Since 2009, The Bear Bones Project has been bringing their blend of R & B, Jazz, and traditional Americana to audiences across the Capital region.  Adirondack Gypsy Jam, they call it.  The band acknowledges that music is a natural force, the language of the heart, as it were; and at their performances, conjure up an atmosphere of spontaneous musical and social interaction. 
       January 24th, 2014 saw the release of their debut CD, "Live at the Rustic Barn".  The album is available here at the "Music" tab, plus on iTunes, Amazon, and at the shows.  Hear some sample cuts from the album on the Music page, as well as a out-takes from that same recording session.
       Also, take a look at The Bear Bones Project  Facebook page.  Come on out, and see what it's all about. We'd love to see you "Down by the Riverside"!

       Check out the Times Union review  of "Live at the Rustic Barn"